We're attempting to help our local community by offering a range of food and drink items that can be ordered online and collected from outside the pub or delivered to your door without human contact, self-isolation intact!
Simply order your choices and, at the time we arrange with you, they'll be ready. You can either pop round, pick up your meals, supplies and drinks, ready-packed for you and head home or we can deliver locally.
Please remember, we need to agree a time for collection or delivery so please ensure we have your phone number. Please email your phone number to us at at the time of ordering, along with your preferred time for collection/ delivery. If you're after food or drink outside our normal hours, please call us first on (0118) 9699878 to make sure we can do it. If we're here, we will. SUNDAYS: We'll take order for collections and deliveries between midday and 6:30pm. MONDAYS: We're trying to keep Mondays off but if you need us we'll do our best to help. Just call us first.

We are not open as a pub. We quickly adapted the business to serve essentials, hot meals and drinks to the local community through our collection and delivery service. And we take every precaution. When customers collect, they do so by picking up their supplies from an outside table in the car park where we leave their purchases with absolutely no human contact, social distancing intact. When we deliver we do so responsibly at an agreed time, leaving the supplies close to the doorstep and step away. All ordering and payments are conducted online; we do not take cash or card payments here, negating any risk of the spread of Coronavirus. We are providing a valuable service to local people, many of whom cannot leave their homes, others who are scared of visiting the supermarkets and other places where there are queues or the potential for the rules of social distancing to be a problem or the possibility of handling retail goods touched by others. Part of the reason for doing this is to reduce the threat of contracting COVID-19, for us all to stay safe, to save lives and protect the NHS.


Our online shop has many of the offerings you would normally find in our pub, both our tasty menu of home-made meals (including vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free) and the drinks we serve. Plus we've added some essentials like eggs, milk, cheese and potatoes. We continue to expand our shop to meet demand from customers for other supplies. If anything is showing as Out Of Stock it means we should be getting more in, usually within a few days so please keep checking or give us a call on (0118) 9699878.

We're trying our hardest to keep prices of Essentials to a minimum but we don't have the buying power of the supermarkets so regretably some prices will be higher.

IMPORTANT: If there is anything you need that you're struggling to find and is not in our shop, give us a call on (0118) 9699878. We also get deliveries twice a week from our wonderful butcher. If you require meat, which is top quality, give us a call and we'll see if we can get it for you. The prices may be higher than the supermarkets but the quality is superb. And we're helping to keep another small business afloat. Call Nick or Hazel on (0118) 9699878.
If we can help, we will.

Cask ales, draught lagers and ciders

Whatever your favourite tipple is at The Flowing Spring, you can continue to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home! Yes, we'll decant any cask ales, still cider and all the keg draught drinks including lagers, cider, pale ales and stout straight from the pumps into our four-pint containers to keep them airtight. Refrigerate when you get home. Please return the containers when you can. Please note some breweries have now closed for the duration (for instance Fuller's from whom we buy ESB) so stocks are likely to change but still be just as delightful. Please rinse and return the 4-pint containers when it is convenient to do so.

Wines and other drinks
We have a wide range of wines and bottled beers available (including vegan, gluten-free and alcohol-free) plus soft drinks. It's more or less the same choice you get were you to be sitting in our pub. We have drastically reduced the prices of our wines from pub prices right down to closer to retail prices.

Hot meals
We're offering our popular menu to take away too so you can have your favourite meals including gluten-free fish and chips, sausages and mash, calzones, pizzas, curries and more freshly cooked for you to collect. Please note the photos we've used on this site are for illustrative purposes only. Please wash and return the food containers when convenient to do so.

We appreciate some of you may not be able to leave your home. In this situation we'll do our best to get your supplies to your door. Obviously this depends on our resources and the availability of several volunteers who have offered to help deliver your supplies. If you're in this situation, please ring us on (0118) 9699878 before ordering so we can discuss how best to help you. When ordering, select Deliver to your Door from the drop-down box in the PayPal checkout.

We can only take orders through this online shop which is simple to use and linked direct to PayPal where you pay for your order online. PayPal is completely secure. We are unable to take telephone orders, nor card or cash payments at our premises. Please don't turn up asking for supplies without having ordered online first.
We do need your phone number so we can contact you if we have any queries, stock issues or need to discuss collection or delivery times. Please email your phone number to us at at the time of ordering, along with your preferred time for collection/ delivery.

We set out to raise funds this year for the Royal British Legion to mark VE Day. We raised over £200 on our Christmas single recording back in February and had planned to hold a fundraising party on VE Day, Friday 8 May. As this didn't happen we ran a special meal and drink offer for the first week of May with huge savings on our normal prices, encouraging customers to donate to the British Legion through a new Donate option we have added to this shop. The charity receives 100% of the donations. We have decided to keep the Donate facility on our shop for anyone who may wish to contribute. Thank you.

We have created this site to help you get the supplies, food and drinks you love during this difficult time. We had to build it quickly in the week leading up to the pubs shutting down on March 21. As a result, the photos you see for each item are for illustrative purposes only and may not truly represent the products you are ordering.
The site could also be a bit more user-friendly but we have done the best we can in a short space of time in order to keep the business ticking over and to give you great choice.
If you have any questions about the food, drinks or service we are offering, please do call us on (0118) 9699878 and we'll endeavour to help.